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What is “The Joseph Gate” anyway and how will it help me to walk the spiritual life?

Have you ever woken up and wondered “what does my dream mean”? God uses many different methods to communicate with us. Biblically speaking, all communication with God comes through the spiritual life gate (also called doors, portals, windows, etc. in various translations). We cannot afford to miss these opportunities to hear from God.

In the Old Testament, God’s primary method of communication with Joseph was through dreams. When Joseph slept, his “Joseph Gate” was activated in the spiritual realm and an opportunity for divine communication occurred.

When we use the term “Joseph Gate”, we are referring to those opportunities when God approaches us or we approach Him. In the spiritual life, your “Joseph Gate” is opened at these times and dreams flow. When you are aware of such an opportunity, knowing the meaning of dreams, as well as the interpretation of God’s language and symbols, is necessary.

Of course, God can, and will, communicate with us whenever He wants, using whatever methods He chooses. However, regardless of the method, the spiritual life gateway is opened each time and most people are completely unaware of it. It is here where you can ask God, “what does my dream mean?” and find answers.

If you have ever felt like your prayers were unheard, or “bouncing off of the ceiling”, then developing dream interpretation skills and seizing the opportunity to activate your Joseph Gate (developing an intimate relationship with your Creator) is your answer. Only then can you delve into the question, “what does my dream mean?” Books on spirituality and meanings of dreams can be some help, but there is nothing like direct communication with your Creator to learn the meaning of dreams!

Why a web site about the meaning of dreams is called “The Joseph Gate”?

In the Old Testament, Joseph was a dreamer. This was the primary way that God communicated with him and how God directed Joseph’s life. Joseph’s entire life was a consequence of his dreams and the meaning of dreams (remember, he interpreted the bakers and cupbearers dreams, as well as Pharaoh’s). Every life circumstance represented an opportunity to move further along in God’s plan for him, as Joseph understood the meaning of dreams. In the Bible, gates represent an opening to heaven (so do doors and windows). Hence the term “The Joseph Gate”.

Early in life, Joseph didn’t understand the meaning of dreams. As a result, he faced unnecessary opposition and persecution. However, some of that could not be avoided as the spiritual life is in God’s control. It was not in Joseph’s control any more than it is in our control today.

Each of us, including you, has a unique “Joseph Gate”. Learn how to discover where yours is located and how to enter it whenever you need. Imagine living out God’s dream for your life fully aware and taking advantage of every opportunity! You can throw away those books on spirituality and the meaning of dreams when you have an open Joseph Gate.

So how does this all work? Can’t I just buy books on spirituality?

Due to the interactive nature of our web site, a one time registration is required to access our training modules. However, THERE IS NO CHARGE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE JOSEPH GATE! Membership allows us to limit access to real people and avoid the spammers who would attempt to crash our servers. Rest assured that we will not sell your personal information to anyone.

Once registered, you will receive training very different from any other training program available on the internet. Certainly, this provides much more than books on spirituality can offer. Our web site is interactive, comprehensive and membership is F*R*E*E! The Joseph Gate Dream Center will teach you the basics of how to understand the meaning of a dream (as well as other ways that God may choose to communicate) and how to walk the spiritual life.

Of course, God cannot and will not be placed in a box! He may choose any number of methods to communicate to us. How He communicates with me may differ from how He chooses to communicate with you.

Once we think we have that figured out, God will change things up and begin communicating with us in new ways. This assures that we don’t become “comfortable” and helps us continue to grow in our relationships with Him. However, we can understand patterns from the Bible to help us recognize when God wants our attention and how to respond.

For example, a young Samuel was being called by God one night as he lay sleeping next to the Ark of the Covenant (1 Samuel 3). Samuel did not understand that it was God trying to get his attention, nor how to respond. Even the High Priest, Eli, didn’t perceive what was going on at first – after all, it had been so long since he had effective communication with God himself that his spiritual senses became dull.

Eventually, Eli realized what was going on and instructed Samuel about how to respond to God.

This began a life long series of communication between God and Samuel that dictated the course of Samuel’s life, as well as the nation of Israel. BTW: communication with God, by its very nature, is two-sided. This means that you can approach God and begin a conversation whenever you want. We will also discuss Biblical methods to approach God in the Dream Center.

In The Joseph Gate, there is, even more, to look forward to as you search for the meaning of a dream.

Understanding the Economy of Heaven

The report outlines how to align yourself (and your new business opportunity) with God’s priorities, plans, presence, provision, and planting. You will come to understand how to implement these crucial biblical principles and strategies to achieve success.

Alignment is overlooked by many Christians, but success is hit or miss without it. Can you imagine shooting an arrow without proper alignment? What would be the odds of hitting your target?

God has provided us with His plan for perfect alignment. Follow these principles and you will “hit the bulls-eye every time.

Kingdom Strategies for Today’s World

Jesus taught that the Kingdom of Heaven was “at-hand” or “upon you”. These words are still true today. Learn how to operate in the Kingdom of Heaven and never be affected by life’s circumstances again.

The Revival of Wisdom

The Bible tells us that Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. Did you know that He was visited by God – and received his great wisdom – in a dream?

Today, we are seeing a revival of wisdom as God reaches out to those with the discernment to hear. Learn how to receive and follow the wisdom of God in your life. Wisdom also can unlock the meanings of dreams, just in case you find yourself asking, “what does my dream mean?”

Creativity and the Glory of God

One of the most vital of God’s “secrets” is the relationship between His Glory and creativity. Learn how God spoke creation into existence by speaking into His Glory – as well as how He has empowered you to do the same.

If you have ever felt like your prayers were “bouncing off the ceiling” than this report is for you. Your life and business will never be the same.

Awakening your Spiritual Senses

We all have five physical senses which help us stay aware of the world around us. This awareness helps us maneuver successfully each day. One of the hidden “secrets” of God’s Word is that we also have 5 spiritual senses which help us be aware and maneuver through His kingdom.

Learn why these spiritual senses are invaluable to success in living the spiritual life. We all need active spiritual senses to sense God’s leading and understand His course corrections.

The Joseph Gate

In the Bible, gates were symbols of entry into a new city or kingdom. To enter, one needed to know the location of the gate. However, this alone was not enough – one needed permission or authority to enter.

Joseph’s Gate was located in his dreams. This was the primary way that God communicated with him and directed Joseph’s life. His entire life was a consequence of his dreams.

Each of us has a unique “Joseph Gate”. Learn how to discover where yours is located and how to enter it whenever you need. Would you like to know what dreams mean? Do you purchase books on spirituality and the meaning of dreams in a pursuit to understand the meaning of a dream? Do you lie awake at night wondering, “What does my dream mean?” Imagine living out God’s dream for your life fully aware!