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Jesus Is Waiting

God always intended His presence to be with us today – not at some distant point in the future. He is holding Jesus back until we get this and begin to function in it daily.

Like in the Garden of Eden, God wants to walk with us daily. However, instead of Jesus walking with us today, He sends His precious Holy Spirit.

This is the same Holy Spirit that breathed life into Adam. In the original Hebrew, the words breath and spirit are the same. This also applies in the Greek language.

When God breathed into Adam, He was depositing His Holy Spirit into him. This is what brought life into that old clay shell. It was subsequent to this that Jesus came and walked with him.

When we are born again today, the Holy Spirit of God comes and takes up residence inside us – just like Adam. We are still waiting to walk with Jesus as Adam did.

The irony is that we have that backwards. Jesus is waiting to walk with us. He is waiting for us to walk in the economy of Heaven.

We must begin by looking internally. Why do we pray what we pray? Why do we want something? Are we seeing through God’s eyes? Is this desire burning in God’s heart?

If we can answer, “Yes” to these questions, we will feel His presence and know we are on the right track. We have begun our part of the journey toward Jesus receiving His inheritance.

The wisest man who ever lived, King Solomon, understood this principle. While Jesus had not died for our sins yet, Solomon’s main concern was God’s pleasure and delight.

Solomon built a lavish temple for God. Only the best materials, craftsmen, tools, utensils, etc. were used. It was God’s desire at that time. It brought God pleasure and delight.

Consequently, God made sure that there was enough of this elaborate provision for Solomon to have a majestic home of his own – a palace that had no earthly counterpart.

“When we live to tend to God’s pleasure and delight, He takes pleasure and delight in blessing us – and blessing us abundantly” (Eph. 3:20; Jn. 10:10).