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A Different Way of Life

In his wonderful book, “Key’s to Heaven’s Economy”, Pastor Shawn Bolz writes,

“Human beings often strive to gain and wield authority. They form human networks; they are focused on pleasing others, gaining positions – serving themselves, getting absorbed in politics, dominating others. This describes the human culture, the earthly economy.

Jesus, on the other hand, always demonstrated a different way of life. He showed that love wields the greatest authority and can displace any authority gained by human effort. Jesus created a new economy whose currency is spiritual hunger. An appetite not just for the trappings of Heaven but for its very core – hunger for Jesus!”

Ask yourself if you are hungry for Jesus. If you are not, or think you could be hungrier, simply ask God to make you intensely hungry. Ask Him to change your heart – to fill your heart with His love. Ask Him for the ability to see others through His eyes.

Your life will never be the same. These are the types of prayers that line up with Jesus receiving His inheritance.

I’ll never forget when I first prayed this prayer. I was in my living room around midnight. I was dissatisfied with my spiritual progress (impatient?), as well as struggling with a number of things in the natural.

My study of God’s Word kept leading me back to needing more of Him. While I had prayed that prayer many times, there was a desperation about it that evening that I can’t describe. I just had to have more of God!