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I just had to have more of God!

Every so often, I engage my imagination as I approach my Joseph Gate. Usually, once I start this process, God intervenes at some point and takes over. He transforms my imagination into a vision. This was one of those times. I pictured myself approaching God’s Temple. My goal was to get into His presence – into the Holy of Holies. I remember being so determined…

As I approached the temple, there was effort involved. There was a long flight of stairs to climb! It was as if God was testing me – was I hungry enough to make the climb?

After finishing the exhausting climb, I found myself at the entrance to the temple. Before me was a large altar. The altar where animals were sacrificed! I found myself climbing on top and lying on my back, stretched out upon the altar.

As I closed my eyes, I renewed my prayer. I asked God once again for His heart to replace my heart of clay. I pled with Him that I would love what He loves. Nothing else seemed to matter.

It was at this point when I felt the knife cutting deep into my chest. I was undergoing a heart transplant! In this vision, God replaced my heart with His own.

The love that flooded my soul was overwhelming. I remember bursting out into uncontrollable tears as He showed me my family, friends, pastor, business associates… I was seeing them through His eyes and feeling His intense love for them.

Suddenly, I was lifted off the altar and brought to the laver. Jesus met me there and began to methodically wash the blood from my body. Then, He dressed me in a white robe and led me toward the temple entrance. I remember thinking that I never felt so clean before – inside and out.

We climbed the stairs together to the temple porch and entered the door into the Holy Place. As I walked through the door, I realized that Jesus was no longer beside me. To my left was the Great Menorah – the Golden Lampstand with its seven-branches.

This menorah was fueled with special oil, so I was not surprised in the least when I encountered the Holy Spirit here. The oil smelled so sweet and was heavy to the touch. It was as if I was saturated with oil – with the anointing – both inside and out. My robe was saturated, yet still bright white.

I didn’t want to leave this moment, but I knew I had to move on. Behind me was the Table of Shew Bread. As I approached, Jesus met me again and we shared an intimate time as He fed me this special bread. My body felt so strong that I thought I could conquer anything.

Jesus pointed toward the back of the Holy Place, where I saw the Altar of Incense. This altar was right before the torn veil, leading into the Holy of Holies. This is where the High Priest would scoop up a handful of incense and some burning coals. He would pour the incense over the coals as he entered God’s presence.

I followed the biblical pattern and poured incense over the hot coals as I entered through the torn veil. The sweet smell of the burning incense was intoxicating. I was reminded that this represented my prayers lifting up to God. He receives my prayers as sweet smelling when I ask with His purposes in mind.

The atmosphere in the Holy of Holies was intense. The Ark of the Covenant was there and the giant cherubim. It seemed almost impossible to speak. I dropped down on the floor in a prone position and worshipped.

The rest is too personal to share. However, my life has never been the same. Seeing others through God’s eyes, feeling His love for others, aligning yourself with His purposes, will revolutionize your life, as it has mine.