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Revolutionize your life

Applying this principle to your business will revolutionize your results. Take some time to evaluate why your business exists, or why you wish to start a new business. Does the true purpose stem from a burning desire to see Jesus receive His inheritance?

Please keep in mind that you can have a secular business geared toward seeing Jesus receive His inheritance. One of my businesses is a learning center where we train people to become registered nurses.

That doesn’t sound very spiritual does it? However, I learned that God doesn’t see it that way at all. Literally hundreds of students are exposed to my staff and me each week. We spend time praying with them and sharing God’s heart. We openly talk about the kingdom of Heaven whenever possible.

It’s not church and we don’t impose our beliefs on anyone. Yet, it amazes me everyday how many people will call in or come early for class – just so they have some time for prayer, encouragement or fellowship.

We are also helping our community develop a nursing force which is badly needed. These people leave as RNs and spread God’s love throughout the community.

Finally, we are very much aware that God holds us accountable financially. As far as we are concerned, 10% is not God’s – 100% is! He provides for us through this and directs us how to use the rest.