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Understanding The Economy of Heaven


One of the earliest lessons God downloaded to me through my Joseph Gate, was that His economy was nothing like any economy that exists on the earth today. The earth is filled with many different economies.

In the United States of America, our economy is based on capitalism. Emphasis is on a free market driven by supply vs. demand. To a certain extent, it is predictable. When the supply of a product grows, prices go down. When prices rise, the supply shrinks. This type of economy is in a constant state of flux. In this economic system, private ownership and distribution of goods is common.

Communist countries have economies controlled by the government. Private ownership and distribution of goods are prohibited. The government allocates goods, resources and even set the prices. In theory, this system is based on the needs of society. Everyone is allocated the same share. There are no rich or poor. That’s the theory anyway.

Sandwiched between these two economic systems is socialism. This economic system is based on state ownership of capital. Major industries are owned by various state entities that compete with each other. However, the pricing system is set by market demand.

All earthly economic systems are a variation of these three. All of us were raised in one of these systems. Like all children, we grow up exposed to one system and assume it is the norm.

However, all three economic systems are perversions of the economy of Heaven. Many people believe that Adam and Eve lived in the economy of Heaven, but it was lost as a consequence of the fall of man. Heaven’s economy ruled in the Garden of Eden – man’s economy ruled outside the Garden.

While there is some underlying truth to this, the economy of Heaven has always been available to God’s children. The good news is that it still is today. Let’s look at some keys to living in the economy of Heaven.