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TJG Founder, Dr Paul GradenRespected Bible Professor, Dr. Paul Graden has trained Pastors and Church leaders for decades…

Now he is ready to help you unlock the biblical secrets to understanding your dreams — secrets, hidden long ago in the Bible; secrets that can change the course of your future!

For you dreamers, this website will help you discover:

  • How to determine the source of your dreams
  • Scriptural meanings of dreams
  • The types of dreams that God gives us
  • Common symbols God uses to reveal the meaning of dreams
  • What to do when your prayers seem unheard
  • Keys to remembering your dreams and what dreams mean
  • Have fun in the “Share A Dream” area
  • Follow up to the bonus Special Reports listed below
  • How the meaning of a dream controls the growth of your dream
  • Staying in alignment with God’s purpose for your dream
  • Access to The Joseph Gate Website
  • Easy communication with your mentors
  • Free access to future reports from The Joseph Gate
  • Specialty training from Team Contributors of The Joseph Gate

I am honored to write a few words on the type of man that I believe Dr. Paul Graden to be. Dr. Paul and I are in similar businesses and share a strong belief in what we are working for.

I am very impressed with Dr. Paul! He is a kind, caring and very compassionate person. If you are someone who believes and has faith in our God the way he does, you can feel it in his presence. I felt his spirit mix with mine the moment we met. I have always been told you can know a lot about a person by how your spirit mixes with theirs. I felt the spirit of Christ on Dr. Paul. It let me know that he was a man of honor, of his word and of strong integrity!

I recommend Dr. Paul and the Joseph Gate dream that he has. I am sure that God has a plan to use him to reach many people. People who need Christ and people who need to realize their worth and value to our Lord and Savior.

Lynn Frederick, RN

Owner, Clinical Prep Exam, Charlotte, NC

I met Dr. Paul many years ago, when I was called to be the Senior Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Norwalk CA. Dr. Paul served as the Senior Administrator for the church and Christian school. We developed a great relationship during those years, which continues on today, despite the 2,500 miles between us.

What I know about Dr. Paul is that he is not only a man of integrity, but a man who places his total trust in God to lead him and supply all his needs. When Dr. Paul felt a call to move to Tennessee to start a new business venture, I was devastated. But I knew that God must have been in it. You see, Dr. Paul shared with me how God had communicated this to him through his dreams!

Dr. Paul has learned how to hear from God and where God calls, he follows. Now he feels led to share his vast knowledge and experience through another dream given to him by God – The Joseph Gate.

I am convinced that God is going to use The Joseph Gate to minister to many, many people – helping them to accomplish their God given dreams. I highly recommend that you become a member and learn how you too can hear from God and fulfill the plans God has for your life.

Rev. Steve Mohr

Senior Pastor, New Beginnings Church, Bend, Oregon

Over the last few years, Dr. Paul has been an inspiration to us and our clients. We currently have 18 centers throughout the United States, and I can say without hesitation that Dr. Paul’s center operates more efficiently and more profitably than any other center, including those satellite offices that I personally own. He amazingly overcomes challenges resulting in greater efficiency and ever improving cash flow and profitability.

My experience with Dr. Paul has been an absolute joy. His attention to detail challenges us to perform at a higher level and his ethics are above reproach. We have seen him overcome many challenges, and my personal relationship with him has allowed me to see how he incorporates Christian principles and the Word of God into all that he does.

I know in my heart that the Joseph Gate project Dr. Paul has made available will be used in a might way to bless many individuals and businesses of all sizes utilizing Biblical principles.

David Christy

President, Distance Learning Systems